3 ways to get the most out of working with a recruiter

Think you know your recruiter, and what they can do for your career? Think again! Many people vastly underestimate the value a recruiter can provide, and think of them only when looking for a new job. But a good recruiter can do much more than just connect job seekers to new opportunities.

A good recruiter is a career advisor and coach.

They can offer valuable insight into how to present yourself on paper and in interviews, and advice on salary negotiation. Throughout your career, they can help you set goals, assess job opportunities and weigh offers. With an experienced recruiter in your corner, you’ll be able to arrive at the right decision for yourself with confidence.

Recruiters also have an intimate knowledge of the industry or field they serve. (At Freeman+Leonard, we’ve taken this a step further, as many on our team are former marketers and creatives themselves. This makes it much easier to match your skills to the right opportunities!) They’re up on the latest trends in your industry and in the job market, which can be a great asset when you’re pursuing a new role or thinking about a career transition. By understanding what employers are looking for today—and tomorrow—they can provide clarity when you’re considering taking the next step in your professional life.

And best of all, there’s no charge to candidates for working with a recruiter. So don’t squander that support – maximize it! Here’s how to get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter:

1. Be open and transparent about what you need in order to make a move, salary-wise and otherwise.

Your recruiter can’t help you if you’re not honest and upfront about your needs. Whether we’re talking about salary expectations, the title you want, your ideal industry or dream company, tell us the whole story – don’t hold back. 

That open dialogue will allow your recruiter to truly understand what you need in order to find the best fit for you, so you can make a successful transition.

We want to help you find your dream job. So tell us what you’re actually dreaming of! Even if it’s a little out of reach right now, we can help you map out how to get there – and then help you find an opportunity that moves you closer to your goal.

2. Give us something to work with! A short bio or talking points helps us “pitch” you to employers.

Many job seekers don’t know that when they work with a recruiter and are being presented for a role, their recruiter is often literally presenting you – with PowerPoint! So help us help you: Make it easy to put together a slide that really sells you.

A super-helpful way to maximize your time with a recruiter is to provide them with a short bio, or at least a few bullet points about your experience and background. Having this at the ready makes it so much easier to pitch you to prospective employers. It gives us an outline to focus on and ensures we cover the experience and accomplishments most important to you, and relevant to your potential employer. 

This bio or short list of bullet points should focus on what helps you stand out from other candidates. Here are a few questions Freeman+Leonard recruiter Brittani Kroog likes to ask job seekers to help differentiate them from other candidates:

  1. Tell me something about yourself that’s NOT on your resume (talents, soft skills, certifications, etc.)
  2. What types of problems do you like to solve?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
  4. What is your biggest motivator for looking for a new opportunity?

If this background is also in your LinkedIn profile summary (and on your portfolio website), even better. It helps if what employers are able to find out about you online aligns with what they’ve been told. And your LinkedIn profile can help them get a better sense for who you are as a person, and whether you’ll mesh well with the team.

3. Keep in touch, even after we’ve helped place you in a role.

Landed a new gig? Congratulations – now don’t be a stranger! We know you’ll be drinking from the firehose for a while at your new job, but once you’re able to come up for air, let us know how it’s going! Even if you land somewhere on your own, we still want to stay in contact. When you make a point of staying in touch, we’ll be more likely to think of you first when there’s another new opportunity down the line.

And, of course, think of us when YOU’RE hiring!

Some of our favorite relationships are those with candidates we talked to and helped in any capacity who later became clients. Since we already know you and your personality, we can easily jump in to address any hiring gaps quickly and efficiently.

Now or down the line, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for any questions you have about your career!

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