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Business realities are evolving quickly, and your marketing needs are more variable than ever. Make sure your talent can scale up or down with you. Introducing On-Demand Resources from Freeman+Leonard.

For projects large or small, strategically complex or executionally simple, we efficiently and cost-effectively connect CMOs and agency ECDs with A-Team talent in a customized, scalable platform. It’s the talent resource evolved for an on-demand world.

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Fractional Marketing Leadership

Sometimes, unanticipated and time-sensitive projects disrupt the workings of even the most well-oiled client and agency teams. Organizations may find that many of the resources required to tackle the initiative are in place, but there’s no one to successfully lead it to its full potential and end product.

Freeman+Leonard has a deep roster of proven client-side and agency leaders ready to jump in, in a variety of fractional capacities.

Whether the particular initiative requires executive-level leadership, senior-level organizational stewardship or even mid-level logistical project management, we have exceptional talent able to contribute at custom-crafted relationships for any level of assignment.

And by accessing this talent through our on-demand subscription levels, we can ensure that your resources remain available at the levels you require, regardless of how long each project lasts.

On-Demand Teams

Build your own A-Team

When we say “A-Team,” we mean it.  We draw from a select circle of freelance talent—people who’ve delivered big ideas and successful campaigns at great agencies like Goodby, Fallon, Riney, O&M, BBDO, DDB, Saatchi X and more. 

And, we build your on-demand team from a bench of handpicked professionals with experience specific to your needs and your brand.

So what else makes this solution unique? It is a very efficient way to quickly scale your department or your agency up or down with no serious impact to culture or morale.

And it’s truly customizable. Whether under your umbrella or ours, your team can be assembled however works best for your organization. We’ll handle the rest.

It’s an idea whose time has truly come: award-winning talent, scalability and the efficiency of using your own assigned talent when you need them. And not when you don’t.

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