The hottest jobs in marketing and advertising in 2024

Despite layoffs and job searches dragging on for months, employers are still scrambling to find top talent. Great opportunities are out there, but certain roles and skills are in higher demand than others.

If you happen to specialize in one of these high-demand areas, this presents an opportunity to advance your career or move into a role that better suits your current needs. Employers are eager to fill these roles and are more open than ever to flexible arrangements like hybrid and remote work – especially since that means they can recruit top candidates from beyond their immediate geographic area.

And if you’re looking to diversify your skill set in hopes of standing out in a sea of applicants, you may also want to take some notes! Adding a certification or two in one of these areas could be just the edge you need to get the attention of your dream job’s hiring manager.

Here are the most in-demand skills and jobs for 2024, based on data from our own client orders:

Copywriters, Content Strategists & Content Developers

Art Directors & Graphic Designers

Digital Marketing Managers

Social Media Specialists

Email Marketing Managers

Media Managers (including Omnichannel Media Managers)

eCommerce Managers

UX & UI Designers

Product Designers

Video Creators & Editors

Web Designers & Developers

Creative Roles

Despite many creatives’ concerns about the growing popularity of Generative AI, we’re noticing a marked increase in demand for human candidates with creative skills, from copywriting and content creation to design of all kinds. 

Companies are also clamoring for candidates with video production and editing skills, especially for TikToks.

Art directors and graphic designers

Art directors craft a brand’s digital style and form its image in the mind of consumers. They deliver on a variety of tasks, from designing logos, printed pieces, and publication graphics to social media templates, advertisements, and much more. These skills  — from junior to senior levels and specialized in areas such as graphic design, motion, or video design, or another area — are in demand.

Copywriters, content strategists and content developers

Content strategists plan, create, and manage content that is relevant, engaging, easy to find, actionable, and shareable across digital platforms. They deliver assets to satisfy the goals of a company or client and the needs of a customer or end user, provide guidance on channels for delivery, and measure the effectiveness through customer engagement.

Digital Roles

Digital roles continue to move up the hot jobs list.

Digital communication and the data associated with it are what’s driving marketing into the future. From digital strategists and digital transformation experts to digital media managers and analysts, digital roles comprise one in every four job requests we get from clients! Developing your expertise in the digital space is a must for achieving faster career growth and long-term success.

Social media specialists

The job of a social media manager today is more multifaceted and challenging – and more respected – than ever. Solid career opportunities can be had with sought-after skill sets including deep knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and how they can be leveraged in different scenarios, along with tactical know-how in customer engagement, online monitoring, and measuring.

Email marketing managers

Email marketers help companies deliver on their goals. They strategize, develop, and manage email campaigns that nurture leads, keep customers in the loop, and drive sales. These multi-skilled professionals manage and segment contact lists using marketing automation software, craft email copy, develop effective designs, handle customer feedback, analyze results, and test to continuously improve performance. Specializing in email requires sharp copywriting skills, proficiency in CSS and HTML, and experience using web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Adwords. 

Media Roles

As people consume more media than ever before, advertising is an important revenue driver for most businesses, and many industries completely depend on it. Media managers plan and execute advertising campaigns, either internally at a corporation or at an advertising agency. To be competitive in a digital world, organizations need savvy media engagement – and that means having skilled professionals with strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and the tactical know-how to drive more in revenue than is spent on advertising. As companies compete to fill this role, the field is ripe with opportunity for quality candidates.

UX & UI Design Roles

UX and UI roles also continue to be in high demand.

User experience (UX) designers

UX designers identify the architecture and wireframes that help users navigate through a digital product or website. They zero in on users’ underlying emotional and functional needs and apply that knowledge to create an enjoyable experience that also supports business objectives. UX designers are responsible for the full design process, from research, ideation, and concept development to prototyping and evaluation. They’re typically also responsible for user-acceptance testing of prototypes or finished products. They must be able to collaborate with business, customer service, design, and technology teams, and have an expert understanding of design principles and wireframing tools, such as Adobe XD, Maze, Axure RP, Balsamiq, InVision, and Sketch.

User interface (UI) designers

UI designers decide how a product or website will be laid out and presented visually, and create wireframes. They work closely with UX and other designers to ensure that every touchpoint users encounter in their interaction with a product conforms to the overall vision created by UX designers. Prototyping, CSS handoff, Freehand, Craft, Sketch, InVision, Adobe XD, and Figma are key functions and tools to master.

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