client & talent testimonials

I didn’t realize I needed Ashley in my corner until I met her. She went above and beyond in preparing me for calls with prospects as well as getting to know what I was looking for at this stage of my career. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and professionalism she brought to each conversation and I’m so grateful we connected. This week I’ll begin working with a great Agency and I’m so grateful to Ashley for helping in making this happen.

Stepfanie, Talent

THANKS SO MUCH! You are so kind, and I appreciate all your help this past week. You helped me so much and there are no words to express how thankful I am. It was a pleasure to work with you! Please let me know if there are any surveys or reviews you need me to complete about my experience with you/Freeman Leonard. Thank you so much again!

Adriana, Corporate Client

I have worked with a LOT of recruiting agencies in my career and I have been very pleased with Freeman+Leonard from both service and quality of talent perspectives. Freeman+Leonard’s speed and ability to adjust when things changed was immensely helpful. I will absolutely use Freeman+Leonard again for future needs. Thanks!

Amy, Corporate Client

I appreciate your team’s support. I have been greatly impressed with Freeman+Leonard and the candidates you found for us to consider. It has been a smooth process working with you all overall.

Kari, Corporate Client

My new boss asked for recruiting agencies we’ve worked with, and you guys were first on my list! I told her I’ve worked with Freeman+Leonard on both sides of the table for many years in my career and have nothing but great things to say about them. I’m excited to see them at work for you. Please let me know if there’s absolutely any way I can be of assistance getting these roles filled with my next amazing colleagues. Thanks!

Eric, Corporate Client

Last year, around this time, you helped me tremendously in my career search. I have worked with a few other staffing agencies and Freeman+Leonard is by far the best. I currently have a connection who is looking for a position in the Dallas area. When I heard the positions she was looking into, I instantly thought of you. I have attached her resume here for your review and I know she would be incredibly grateful to work with you.

Charlotte, Talent

Thank you so much for the update; I knew you’d be on top of it!  I must honestly say, no matter the outcome, you are absolutely the hardest working, most dedicated, and pro-active recruiter I have ever worked with.  I will be leaving a fantastic testimonial on LinkedIn on your behalf and would like to help you out in any way possible. Thanks so much, speak soon!

A.J., Talent

Just a quick howdy of appreciation! Hope you are doing well over there. I thought of you today as I have had three recruiters contact me in the last week.  It reminded me again of how much I appreciate you and why I don’t prioritize outside work with recruiters very much. That is all! Just wanted to let you know how great you are!

Lindsay, Talent