A Time for Heroes

Since our company’s inception we have recognized Labor Day as a special holiday ˗ a time to thank and honor American workers and especially our own clients and talent.

Our mission is to match the right talent to each client’s work opportunity for the success of both. This year is no different. On the other hand, this year is the most different and difficult year we’ve experienced.

The Freeman+Leonard team believes it is time to pitch in and help each other out. It is time to share encouragement, to support each other in every way possible and to keep moving forward, if only an inch at a time.

We believe it is a Time for Heroes.

This Labor Day we are kicking off our Time for Heroes program.

We are offering small business owners the opportunity to meet virtually with a team of Freeman+Leonard marketing and advertising specialists.  We will provide the platform for this brain trust of marketers to solve a problem, address an issue or suggest an idea to help a small business deal with an issue brought on by this difficult economic time. These recorded exchanges will be shared with you throughout the upcoming year.

If you would like to join us in this Time for Heroes, here are some ideas for being a Hero for others: 

  1. Surprise someone with an unsolicited endorsement on LinkedIn. It’ll stay on their profile and help them win opportunities for years to come.
  2. Create a post on LinkedIn singing the praises of a co-worker, an out-of-work colleague or a company where you had a positive experience.
  3. Send a note to someone who has impacted your career and share how much it has meant to you.
  4. Be a mentor to new graduates looking to join our industry. Offer to have a 30-minute meeting or two each week to share advice and ideas. Calendar scheduling tools like Acuity and Calendly make this easier than ever.
  5. Attend virtual networking events and conferences. That helps keep our great organizations and industry groups intact and strong.

Please join us in honoring each other this Labor Day and in helping each other during this challenging time with encouragement and support.

With Labor Day thanks to all the real heroes — our clients and talent,

The Freeman+Leonard Team