what is imagine nation?

Inspired, strategic ideas are the lifeblood of marketing. Always will be.

So, what if you could pick the brains of creative leadership who’ve delivered those ideas at some of America’s top advertising agencies—TBWA/Chiat Day, O&M, DDB, BBDO, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Y&R, Draft/FCB, The Richards Group and Wunderman?

With Imagine Nation™, you can.

To be clear—Imagine Nation™ is not crowdsourcing. On the contrary, we offer a national network of handpicked, breakthrough thinkers—creative ideators, brand strategists and account planners from across the country. These are smart, analytical, intuitive people whose creativity drives commerce.

Our breakthrough thinkers have worked in a number of categories and with outstanding brands. To name a few: P&G, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, Hershey, Taco Bell, Kraft, HP, AT&T, Texas Instruments, American Airlines, Sony, Shell, Pfizer, Borden, Target, FedEx and Samsung.

Big Ideas

We had all sorts of interesting case histories to share, but, well, by their very nature, these projects tend to be confidential. And besides, we think it’s more important to make our clients look good than make ourselves look good. (But give us a call anyway. We won’t name any names, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you guessed who they were, anyway.)

how to use imagine nation

creative team

For agencies, we can work as an extension of your creative team in partnership or behind the scenes to support creative development, for either existing clients or new business.


For companies and organizations without an Agency of Record, or for projects that fall outside an Agency of Record’s scope of work, we work directly with a client contact.


imagine nation™

Inspiration, not execution. Whether an idea for strategic positioning, product innovation, brand advertising or sales promotion, Imagine Nation™ means inspired ideas.