#LoveThyLabor: Celebrating women in the workforce

Certainly, Labor Day is a celebration of all workers’ rights and progress, but it’s also a timely reminder of the continued struggle for women to achieve workplace equality. It should be a commitment to the inclusion of women in the workplace, at all levels; to recognize and remedy income disparity based on gender; and to acknowledge that the fight for women’s workplace equality is not just a women’s issue.

As a 100% women-owned business, Freeman+Leonard invites you to take time during Labor Day Week to consider how far women have come, and also how far we still have to go.

As a gift for many of our friends and clients, we will be sharing one of our favorite reads at the moment, Lead: How Women In Charge Claim Their Authority, by Ellen M. Snee.

We’re also encouraging our community to follow these 50 amazing women leading the charge in our industry. From entrepreneurs to executives, these pioneers regularly share inspiring words and wisdom on the contributions we make every day.

? Suggestion on how YOU can Love Thy Labor:

Today’s workers are more anxiety-ridden than ever before. The balance of work and life in an environment that seems to change every day has taken its toll on workers across the country. The mobile app Calm offers programs and sessions designed to relieve stress, and to help you find balance through daily exercises. Calm offers group rates as low as $10 per employee for a year’s subscription. Consider signing up your team for more moments of solace.

For more ideas on how to show your workers the love, head to freemanleonard.com/lovethylabor.

We look forward to your feedback and your own suggestions on how we all can extend our recognition and dedication beyond a single day each year.

With gratitude,

Kathy Leonard
President & CMO