#LoveThyLabor: Dare to diversify

While the advertising and marketing industry still has a long way to go, companies are prioritizing diversity more than ever before. This is to tackle historical social injustices and underrepresentation, and to enhance the quality of their marketing and strengthen connections with their consumers.

Also, platforms like Instagram and TikTok are creating a supply of, and a demand for, all voices, backgrounds and perspectives.

Though it’s become more difficult to identify and retain better talent overall, Freeman+Leonard offers a range of options to access more diverse talent, with significant advantages over solely going it alone.

  • Thousands of qualified candidates, of every background
  • Representation across all fields, disciplines
  • Access to talent from new markets
  • Ability to tap the right talent for the right jobs

At Freeman+Leonard, we believe that diversified teams create stronger businesses. Talk to any of our employees about how we can help you elevate and diversify your talent base.

? Suggestion on how YOU can Love Thy Labor:

Develop an employee referral program that rewards your current employees for identifying and helping recruit from a larger network of talent. Friends can vouch for their friends, and current employees will more actively promote your company and its open positions. This may allow you to tap into a wider pool of talent than you would have otherwise.

For more ideas on how to show your workers the love, head to freemanleonard.com/lovethylabor.

We look forward to your feedback and your own suggestions on how we all can extend our recognition and dedication beyond a single day each year.

With gratitude,
Kathy Leonard
President & CMO