#LoveThyLabor: Elevating the temporary workforce

As the pandemic has taken its toll on businesses of all types, many companies have had to restructure both departments and resources to react to changing profitability realities. Accordingly, many agencies and marketing departments have shifted to a higher utilization of seasonal or temporary staffing resources.

As convenient as temporary employees may be, there can be disadvantages. For the worker, benefits are almost unheard of. Meanwhile, it can be difficult for companies to find top-tier talent on a temporary basis.

At Freeman+Leonard, we’re working to create better engagements for both the employer and the employee.

We offer benefits to many eligible temporary workers (a rarity in the staffing world), including medical, paid holidays and even vacation. And our clients enjoy access to seasoned temporary workers with specialized talent in a variety of marketing and advertising roles.

The “gig economy” is changing the way many companies work, and the models they’re moving towards. Whether this is a direction your company has moved in, or something you’re considering, it’s imperative to support these teammates in ways that keep them viable and content. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my team directly for strategies to strengthen and elevate your temporary workforce.

? Suggestion on how YOU can Love Thy Labor:

One way to provide non-traditional benefits to both temporary and full-time employees is by negotiating corporate discounts at local retailers, restaurants and services to offer to your teammates. Explore companies like 24 Hour Fitness, 20% Meals or Meal Plans. For more ideas and inspiration, visit corporateoffers.com.

For more ideas on how to show your workers the love, head to freemanleonard.com/lovethylabor.

We look forward to your feedback and your own suggestions on how we all can extend our recognition and dedication beyond a single day each year.

With gratitude,
Kathy Leonard
President & CMO