Need for Speed: Assessing and Building Your Brand’s Digital Agility

If you had a digital transformation plan in January of 2020, it probably looks very different today.
COVID-19 has taught us that digital agility is more important than ever. The new business reality means your 5-year digital transformation roadmap has likely been condensed down to 5 months – or in some cases, 5 days! This webinar will give you a practical guide with tools to evaluate your overall digital agility and the steps necessary to advance your brand’s digital capabilities – and quickly.
You will also learn about organizations that have rapidly adopted and embraced agile planning methods to engage their customers through digital channels – while simultaneously building out those capabilities. Learn about how to keep these activities moving while also staying on track to realize your long-term digital transformation vision.
Kristine Stebbins is a leading industry expert focused on Digital Transformation. Kristine lives in the nexus between marketing and technology, and works with companies to take their digital experience vision and make it a reality through practical guidance and pragmatic planning. She has worked with companies on this quest for the past 20 years and led global transformation efforts for Microsoft and IBM and complex transformations for Citibank, Mastercard and Hawaiian Airlines. She has also led digital transformation efforts for world-class retailers such as Nike and Nordstrom.
If you want to share today’s presentation with your team or you missed it, you can access the webinar replay and presentation slides.