Thinking to Create Certainty in Uncertain Times

We would like to share with you a webinar Freeman+Leonard hosted. We will keep you updated on future webinars that we host and hope you find this event informative. You can view the final presentation here: Acts Not Ads.

Design Thinking offers a valuable toolbox for building insight-driven solutions that connect with consumers, end-users, and influencers. At the core of Design Thinking is an open-minded agile approach to problem solving that is built to anticipate and create change. It is about getting to the core of what a company does, not what they may be saying. Acts versus Ads. An interesting concept for those of us in marketing and advertising!
Join Creative Brand Strategist, Jennifer Small and Freeman+Leonard, to learn how 5 techniques of Design Thinking can serve to create certainty in uncertain times. Find out how the future success of all business will depend on the ability and willingness to embrace this innovative and thoughtful approach.
Jennifer Small, has been a strategist, creative collaborator and chronicler of human experience for the past 20+ years. In that time, Jen has leveraged her background in photography and design to bring the power of observation into the art and science of brand, product and experiential strategy. She has been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s biggest companies and most beloved brands.
Design Thinking and methodologies are the foundation of Jen’s approach to strategy; she believes that the most powerful question a strategist can ask is “why?” and that relentless curiosity about people is the quintessential skill that transforms a nice idea to a killer strategic and creative solution to her clients’ business and brand challenges.